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You can then replace tubes and set the bias without removing the chassis from the head. Jetcity jca5212rc sch service manual download, schematics. After doing a quick search i see doug from jca is bringing in jtm45 clones. The normal channel on this jet city amp head can range from clean tones to dirty rock riffs. Complete set with both figures and accessories, pdf instructions. Products are sold through authorized resellers only. Massive discounts on jet city amplification heads, cabinets and combos. This page contains information about the owners manual for the jca50h from jet city amplification. The fukuyama japan warriors 350 slc vs 450 slc value introduction. This is the mod jet city does on the combo to correct it. Depth mod marshall highgain style preamp 3 switches to get different gain options cap. Jet city plays in the latter category with its alltube amps sold at prices terrorizing all competitors. Jet city amplification jca50h 50w tube guitar amp head. Unleashing 50 watts from a pair of 6l6 power tubes and all the features of the jca100h, the jca50h 50w tube guitar amp head from jet city is ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of stage volume with some nice power amp distortion.

He said that he almost never played it because it didnt fit his style of music. This is my first tube amp, and when i tried it before i bought it it sounded amazing. Performing children of the grave live for the very last time. My main rig is two jcm 900 4100 dr heads and two 1960a cabs using stomp boxes with some time effects going through the loop. I highly recommend all jet city productsvery high quality build and pretty damn good tone. Please click the view posters other ads link to the right of this ad to view our other items for sale. Jet city jca100h 100watt 2channel tube guitar amp head. Gonna sell sell one half stack and keep two and have the jet city head.

The normal channel can range from clean tones to dirty rock riffs. The jetcity amps are build in that way that you can mod the amp. Home manuals jet city amplification jca50h owners manual. Jet city amplification jca50h 50w tube guitar amp head guitar. When the power transformer went i asked if i could get the mod while its in for the warranty repair, very easy company to deal with, just waiting for the new transformer now. Based in redmond, washington, jet city products are made in china, but designed in the usa by some seriously qualified amp gurus, including michael soldano, thds andy marshall and ben verellen, who are all based in nearby seattle, hence the jet city moniker. Luckily jet city sells the cheapest in the market jettenuator attenuator.

Jet city amplification jca20h owners manual pdf download. I wanted to do a quick demo of the jet city 50 watt head. Bringing you the best jet city amplification deals in the uk from our online shop. Guitar went into my digitech bad monkey which has two outputs, one for the amp and one for the mixer, which is a very handy thing. With the jca20hbes, jet city takes that concept a step furtherteaming with noted amplifier technician, builder and mod master dave friedman of rack systems to modify an existing amp in the jet city line, the 20watt jca 20h. Jackson js32 rr straight in preamp and tc electronic arena reverb with artec delay, both in effects loop. Order the full, uninterrupted concert film, live album and the very last instudio jam sessio. Easy improvements to embrace the stock jca20h is an easy amp to navigate and use. Be sure to check out the mods for most amps section for even more options. I not the pub, its just that mike soldano created by a truly scratch mark in the mind, like custom 77 for example, cheap stuff that sounds really good and made with the right tools and clearly open the mod there modifit himself on youtube. Jet city jca50h high gain youtube why the paradiddle is so important dorothea taylor duration. Channel 1 has the touch sensitivity on the crunch side and i can roll the guitar volume back for semi clean playing. Jca22h is a guitar power amplifier designed for guitarists rehearsals and concert. Theres gotta be a couple jca users out there besides me, please come in and talk about why you likedislike your jet city, or ask those who own one w.

Buy jet city amplification jca20h 20 watt guitar tube amplifier head. Jca100h musical instrument amplifier pdf manual download. The guy that owned it used a vox amp almost all the time, so it was just gathering dust, he had owned it for a year. After doing some research, i went with, a jjecc803 for v1, jj ecc83s for the rest of the preamp.

Dec 12, 2016 it is really cheap for what it offers, and it looks to be pretty flexible, too. Jun 15, 2011 since we first encountered jet city amps, the usa brand has been steadily building up its business in the uk, and with good reason. View and download jet city jca100h owners manual online. They seem awesome for the price fx loop, two channels, okay clean tone especially with the 50w version, huge amount of gain, reverb. Quick video to demonstrate the simple high cut pot mod same as vox tonecut, that can add or remove bitefizziness timestamps. I will say that i was really surprised by the quick demo i heard on youtube of the new jca20hv. Apr 14, 2015 i have the jca picovalve and the jca 22h as well as the original 1x12 cab.

So i did an ab comparison the other day between my valveking, the jet city, the laney and the engl 412. We are pleased to announce the availability of our new range of jca custom shop products. I have three jcm 900 heads two 100 watt and one 50. Jet city 100hdm demo a soldano you can afford youtube. I know that my opinion isnt worth 2 cents and some people probably really like the old jet city head, but it just wasnt my cup of tea. Amelia jet citys longawaited guitar amp is here at last. Nov, 20 here is a mod for the jet city jca50 to allow external bias test points and adjustment per tube. You can download same track with no post eq no bass, just as did. I picked this amp up awhile back for next to nothing, and i quite like it for what it is. Jul 24, 2011 ive always been a fan of eminence speakers, and i often use their legend v128 12.

Modding jet city amps has been popular since the launch of the brand, so we thought we would get in on the action by offering some of the mostrequested mods, direct to you. Tighten up your jet city jca50h jca100h for high gain a must do. Hey guys i was looking for a good tube amp thats affordable and i came across the jet city jca50h. May 14, 2018 massive thank you to jet city amps for sending me this incredible amp to demo. Designed by soldano, and manufactured abroad, this is the most affordable way to get that that genuine, legendary overdrive tone.

I will be running it through a jet city 25s 2x12 cab. Everything was recorded through the the jet city 2x12 cab and a. Jetcity jca50h sch service manual download, schematics. Ac input adopting wide voltage design controls via voltage switch. Get all the stage volume you need with this jet city amp head. You can check them out over on the jet city website, where the company has uploaded some audio demos.

We can help you own your tone with customizations that add new features to your amp or finetune its performance. Unleashing 50 watts from a pair of 6l6 power tubes and all the features of the jca100h, the jca50h 50w tube guitar amp head from jet city is ideal for gigging. With 50 watts of power coming from 2 6l6 power tubes, its the perfect gigging head. Weve launched with just a couple items but will be growing the available platforms and options soon. Jet city this is a newoldstock floor model, fully test and guaranteed. The overdrive channel is smooth highgain lead tone. I decided to give my jca50h a full retube last week. In no event shall the liability of jet city amplification exceed the invoiced. Jca50h schematic includes bias settings 1 2 3 4 d c b a 56 6 5 4 3 2 1 d c b a title number revision size b date. Distributors and dealers are not agents of jet city amplification and have no authority to bind jet city amplification by any expressed or implied undertaking or representation. Heads free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Jet city jca100h 100watt 2channel tube guitar amp head reverb.

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