Factors affecting software product quality

Pdf factors affecting product quality in the software development. Mudit goel, leading engineering teams and shipping awesome products for more than a decade. An analysis of the factors determining software product quality. That means every element, everything you want the program to do based on every command needs to be in place for it to work properly. Software quality is defined as a field of study and practice that describes the desirable attributes of software products. Factors affecting the quality of software project management. A software quality factor is a nonfunctional requirement for a software program which is not called up by the customers contract, but nevertheless is a desirable requirement which enhances the quality of the software program. The aim of this study is to explore the perceptions of different users involved in the software development cycle and generate results that can be generalized and employed as. Metrics used in this arrangement is mentioned below. Human and organizational factors influence software quality.

Product factors cover the characteristics of software products being developed throughout all develop ment phases. What are the factors that influence software quality. Isoiec 9001, commented by while for others it can be synonymous with customer value highsmith, 2002 or even defect level. Analysis of process factors affecting software quality based on. Dearth of raw materials can hamper productivity drastically. Qc is about product oriented activities that certify software products for their quality before release. Failure to meet any of these areas would imply that your product does not have the right level of quality as defined by you and the company and therefore, it is not ready to be launched to market.

For some it is the capability of a software product to conform to requirements. In line with the second goal to prioritize each of the factors affecting the cost of medical software maintenance the following results were obtained. Define the meaning of software quality and detail the factors which affects the quality not productivity of a software product. The software must do what the user expects the software to do. Quality of software may be defined as the need of function and efficiency. These factors refer to such products as software code, requirements. Modern information methods and mounting product requirements. Standard of development also described explicitly and expected or proposed benefit from the software that became developed. Hence, testers are expected to give feedback on the software from an enduser perspective considering the human factors. A software defect can be regarded as any failure to address enduser requirements. The factors affecting the quality of the software requirements. Based on the assumption that the quality of the product is a direct function of the process, process metrics can be used to estimate, monitor and improve the reliability and quality of software. Write different software quality factors by dinesh thakur category. Software product managers are responsible for managing software products development.

Cost factors were classified in 6 groups, which are as follow. The easiest quality control, in this case, is to load a known set of samples and compare actual results with expected ones. The first definition of quality history remembers is from shewhart in the beginning of 20th century. Platform compatibility how dependent is it on its operative system. The nine fundamental factors 9 ms, which are affecting the quality of products and services, are. With more critical business processes being implemented in software, quality problems are a primary business risk. Quality kpis and scorecard full guide with examples. The factors affecting the detection of defects in software products versus other industrial products are shown in the following table. While specifying the applications design, special emphasis must be put on the details of the environment that the application will run in.

Software quality management introduction tutorialspoint. The factors affecting the quality of the software requirements specifications in. Ill discuss five primary causes of poor software quality and how to mitigate their damaging effects using methods other than brute testing. In addition, mccall described which attributes of a software product, or software quality factors sqfs as he termed them, are affected by these three types of requirements. Rigorous project management can help raise a software product development process from an initial, immature stage that is unstable and unrepeatable to an optimized maturity level characterized by continuous improvement and innovation. Additional damage results from the drop involved in transfer to wagons or bins. An analysis of the factors determining software product. Goals and actions related to a repeatable project management process have been outlined in the capability maturity model cmm developed by the software. Chief information officers perceptions of factors that could affect the final quality of software products. The objective of software testing is not only to ensure the quality of the product application but also to identify and fix usability gaps in the product. Some software tests can be applied even on the requirements analysis stage. Software quality characteristics computing science. They communicate with internal personnel and relevant external parties and stakeholders.

There are situations when the development part is neglected and applications are simply analyzed, monitored. In case of software, product production planning and manufacturing phases are not required as the manufacturing of software copies and the printing of software manuals are conducted automatically. While developing any kind of software product, the first thing a developer should think is about the factors that a. They meet with prospect and current customers to make sure the product meets all their needs. Quality management impact in software engineering a. Factors affecting product quality use of production technology. A few factors may affect the productivity of an organization. Quality in production and operations management tutorial. Which factors affect software projects maintenance cost more. What are the factors affecting software product managers.

Its mission is to help software professionals apply quality principles to the development and use of software and software based systems. Software quality control sqc is the part of quality management that includes a set of activities focused on fulfilling quality requirements. Top five causes of poor software quality datamation. The process of software quality control is governed by software quality assurance. Factors in software quality concept and definitions of software quality. It focuses on the product, technology, and programmer ability factors that may affect software quality in addition to the process factors. Isoiec 9126 software engineering product quality was an international standard for the evaluation of software quality.

Functionality number of features, and how deep into problem solving can you go before you run out. Factors affecting the development of software including. The risk factors affecting to the software quality failures in sri. Seniority of software developers staff experience software engineers are often divided into. The fundamental objective of the isoiec 9126 standard is to address some of the well known human biases that can adversely affect the delivery and perception of a software. Every function of the software needs to be completed by the developer or it wont work. Auditability ease with which the conformance to standards can be verified. Overall professional culture with progressive thinking openness to admitting mistakes instead.

There most important of them are hiring options, staff experience, and region where the developer is from. For prioritization of the factors, at first and before modeling, the measurement criteria are needed to be identified. The factors of quality are the way reagents are stored, the quality of distilled water, the stability of the electric current, human factors, and random errors off course. Factors that impact application performance for any of your client 1. The research reported in this article was part of a larger investigation into the relationship between process discipline and software quality 1. To measure the quality of your product, you need to answer these questions first. Quality control quality control qc may be defined as a system that is used to maintain a desired level of quality in a product or service. It is a systematic control of various factors that affect the quality of the product. Software quality assurance is a formal process for evaluating and documenting the quality of the work products during each stage of the software development lifecycle. We also considered ways to measure the product metrics. There are some nontechnical factors that should be considered because they can also affect the final price.

According to mccalls model, product operation category includes five software quality factors, which deal with the requirements that directly affect the daily. Good project management practices to avoid time pressure and unnecessary conflicts. Rigorous project management can help raise a software product development process from an initial, immature stage that is unstable and unrepeatable to an o. The research objective of seths study is to investigate the roles of human and organizational factors that influence software quality construction. Flexibility how many different problem can you solve by using this. Quality characteristics may be directly measurable, e. Impact of human factors on software quality and testing.

It encompasses the revision perspective identifiers quality factors that changes or enhances the ability to change the software product in the future according to the needs and requirements of the user. Padding at impact points or belt and chain speed adjustments may reduce damage. Do not affect software reliability, except it might affect program inputs. The aim of this study is to explore the perceptions of different users involved in the software development cycle and generate results that can be. The quality of the code being written will also affect the bottom line. Pdf the software development industry of sri lanka has grown rapidly during recent years. Which factors affecting productivity are discussed below. Most important factor affecting the quality of a product is the money involved in the production itself. Software quality control is defined as a set of activities designed to evaluate the quality of a developed or manufactured product ieee, 1991. Correctness is the extent to which a program satisfies its specifications.

Software development costs and factors affecting its price. We can view quality of a software product as having three dimensions. What are the quality factors of a software product. The more modern the technology the higher the productivity. Quality problems involved are bruising and breakage of beans, carrots and celery petioles by the harvester. Completeness to the fullest development of the product.

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