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Khams life is turned upside down when an international mafia syndicate, based in australia, captures his two beloved elephants and smuggles them thousands of kilometers away to sydney. After having watched tony jaa in ong bak about a week ago on tv, i was waiting for the day when tomyumgoog finally made its way here. Jaa s choreography is restrained, for most of the group fights he just seems to be dispatching people aside as quickly as possible. Monica film center santa monica monica film center santa monica. The protector 2005 hindi dual audio 350mb bluray 480p. Whatever happened to tony jaa jaa, the thai martial artist.

In bangkok, the young kham was raised by his father in the jungle with elephants as members of their family. Tony jaa, tiger chen, and iko uwais to star together in. And the whole time, i was waiting for jaa to show off. Check out this awesome clip featuring tony jaa and lateff crowde from 2005s tom yum goongthe protector 2.

Iko uwais vs tony jaa shailene woodley shares her acting philosophy the former big little lies and divergent star shares her view on acting with jamie dornan and sebastian stan in her new movie endings, beginnings. Tony jaa martial arts legend best fight scenes compilation vol. Tony jaa is at not in his peak physical form, and the film seems to be hiding it from the audience. Tony jaa in the protector 2005 nathan jones and tony jaa at an event for the protector 2005 johnny nguyen at an event for the protector. With the help of a thaiborn australian detective, kham must take on all comers, including a gang led by an evil woman and her two deadly bodyguards. The film was distributed as warrior king in the united kingdom, as the protector in the united states, as thai dragon in spain, as revenge of the warrior in germany, and as honor of the dragon in russia and cis countries. After recently facingoff against paul walker in one of film historys biggest.

The international rights of the film were sold before it even started shooting. The protector 2 trailer ong baks tony jaa movie 2014. This film acts almost like a showreel for tony jaa as we are slowly introduced to his fighting skills, free running and acrobatic abilities throughout the film. Tony jaa and jeeja yanin at an event for tom yum goong 2 20 jeeja. Damion damaske my love of the raid and iko uwais role in it. When his old elephant and the baby kern are stolen by criminals, kham finds that the animals were sent to sidney. Thai martial artistturnedstuntmanturned action movie star tony jaa is riding a global career high these days. Its much more action oriented than tony jaa s movie prior to this ong bak. His next film the protector made jaa an international action star.

Tyg2 the protector 2 reedited trailer hd by tarekyeerum2006. He travels to australia, where he locates the baby elephant in a restaurant owned by the evil madame rose, the leader of an international thai mafia. The return of xander cage pour in, moviegoers around the world face a burning question. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Tony jaa and panna rittikrai codirected ong bak 3, the 2010 sequel to the prequel ong bak 2. That diagnosis goes double for the protector 2, which finds jaa and pinkaew embracing the wirework and cg whose absence made ongbak so refreshing. Moreover, she also picks up other kung fu skills by watching bruce lee and tony jaa on tv, while eating chocolate smarties at the same time.

The most wonderful thai film the protector 2005 original. Film the protector 2 tom yum goong 2 en streaming vf. Popular videos the protector 2 the protector 2 topic. The film was directed by prachya pinkaew, who also directed jaas prior breakout film ongbak. As in ongbak, the appeal of the protector is watching jaa unleash his muay thai skills on a host of villainous types, and he gets several astonishing showcases in this film, most notably a nearlyunbroken take in which he dispatches some 50 goons as he makes his way up a fourstory structure. Sandai veeran full action movie tony jaa super hit full action. Newhall under construction newhall under construction. On 28 may 2010, jaa became a buddhist monk at a buddhist temple in surin, thailand. Tony jaa, tiger chen, and iko uwais to star together in triple threat november 7, 2016 by.

Bollywood movie website bollywood movies website download and stream movies free movie streaming free movie websites free movies online streaming. Tony jaa, known in thailand as panom yeerum, studied marital arts and worked as a stuntman before breaking through with his first lead role in ongbak. The protector 2 on ituneson demand march 27 and in theaters may 2. The protector 2005 full movie download full hd youtube. This is the trailer of the protector, the new tony jaa s film. The protector tom yum goong 2005 film online subtitrat.

As with ongbak, the fights were choreographed by jaa and his mentor, panna rittikrai. How ong bak star tony jaa stays in fighting shape men. Everyday streaming the protector 2 aka tgy2 facebook. Ongbak 3 is a 2010 thai martial arts film directed, produced and written by tony jaa and panna rittikrai.

When his old elephant and the baby kern are stolen by criminals, kham finds that. The fight scenes are well choreographed, and some of the shots are interesting. Opening segment serves story best, but on the whole not overly memorable aside from that chilling vip dining room serving an exotic fare of scorpions, monkey, bats, snakes and such to its clientele, as well as the explosive stunts. His world shaped by ancient traditions, a young thai fighter jaa is called to defend his people and their honor after outsiders ruin all that is sacred. The story is kinda bare bones, but cobsidering its a martial arts film chances are most people didnt come here for that. Voir film the protector 2 tom yum goong 2 stream complet. The two elephants are far more than mere animals to kham and his father, they are part of his family and were being prepared to be presented as a token of devotion to his majesty the king of thailand.

In an era of wire fu and gravity defying fights seen in films like crouching tiger hidden dragon, tony jaa fulfilled the desire for real stunts. Revenge of the warrior a much hyped fight film from muay thai expert tony jaa with many many excellent stunts and chase sequences. With tony jaa, nathan jones, xing jin, petchtai wongkamlao. English movies 2019 full movie tollywood 1080p english. The protector synopsis the protector is the highly anticipated full bodied action film starring international martial arts superstar, tony jaa ong.

Tony jaa takes on lateff crowde in the protector 2005. Home trending history get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports gaming movies tv shows. A young fighter named kham must go to australia to retrieve his stolen elephant. The protector is the highly anticipated full bodied action film starring international martial arts superstar, tony jaa ongbak. A muay thai master whose formidable martial arts skills have dazzled action lovers in such films as ong bak and tom yum goong aka the protector, tony jaa was first inspired to take up fighting. The protector wipes the floor with bad guys breaking all of his opponents bones. The film is a sequel to pinkaews tomyumgoong, with actors tony jaa and petchtai wongkamlao reprising their roles as. It is a 20 thai martial arts film directed by prachya pinkaew. After a smashing starring debut in the film ong bak, thai action star tony jaa made a film called tomyumgoong, released in the us as the protector. Tony jaas top 7 martial arts movies not to be missed. A young fighter named kham must go to australia to retrieve his stolen. Tony jaa takes on lateff crowde in the protector 2005 duration. The protector full film online watch the protector full english film.

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